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Drake and Gorham for Home & Industry

With 60+ years of experience in Zambia we are the leaders in air-conditioning services

We are expert Designers and Industrial Engineers.

Our in-house production facilities provide custom bespoke products tailored to your needs

Committed to Excellence in Quality and Results

Our engineers and installers are highly trained experts ensuring all our projects are of the highest quality.

Drake & Gorham is Zambia's industry leader in customer & product support!


For 60+ years we have gained vast experience in air conditioning ranging from conventional room units, e.g High Wall Mounted or Cassette Type Single/Split units to complex solutions such as Multi Split and Ducted Systems.


Our Refrigeration portfolio covers the whole range of Cold Room, Freezer Rooms, Blast Freezer Rooms to complete abattoirs and processing & cold storage plants for all kinds of perishable products from meat, poultry and fish to fruit and vegetable products


Drake & Gorham are experts on Ventilation Systems for a wide variety of applications; from sterile and germ-free ventilation systems for clinics and hospitals to ventilation systems for hatcheries, you want it, we can make it happen.

Escalators & Elevators

Drake & Gorham has recently been appointed the official sole distributor for ThyssenKrupp Elevators AG in Zambia. ThyssenKrupp Elevators AG, with Head Quarters in Essen, Germany is one the world’s largest and most innovative elevator and escalator manufacturers.


Drake & Gorham hosts a one-stop-shop retail store for a wide variety of air-conditioning units to suit every budget as well as a comprehensive spares and parts stock. We look forward to welcoming you to the store.

Completed Projects

Drake & Gorham is very proud of the wide range of high-quality projects we have completed over the last six decades across a variety of sectors in Zambia.


High Quality Product

We only use the highest quality products available in our projects.

Expert Installation

Highly qualified engineers manage every aspect of every project from beginning to end.

Customer Support

We proudly maintain the best rated customer product support in Zambia.

About Drake & Gorham

Drake and Gorham (Z) Ltd is a successful engineering, contracting and distribution company in Zambia priding itself on service excellence.

Founded in 1958, we have differentiated ourselves from the competition by adding that “personal touch” in all customer transactions over 60+ years. Our business approach is to form long-term partnerships with our clients and expand our company’s leadership specialised in air-conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, elevators and escalators.

We are very proud of our long history of outstanding product delivery and customer service over the last 6 decades in Zambia.

General Questions

Do you do more than just air-conditioning wall units?

Absolutely. We provide a complete environment control service from small air-conditioning units for homes through to commercial air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration.

Do you provide energy efficient air-conditioning?

Certainly. Drake & Gorham stocks the very latest energy-efficient technology from leading suppliers worldwide including inverter powered air-conditioning units. Contact us to find out more!

Do you install walk-in fridges?

Yes, custom installation of walk-in fridges and cold-rooms are a product we specialise in. Please contact us for more information.

Are your products environmentally responsible?

Drake & Gorham is proud to lead the industry in supplying environmentally friendly air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Our equipment contains R410 gas which complies 100% with International Environmental Standards & Regulations

Do you manufacture your own ducting locally?

Yes, Drake & Gorham is proud to be able to manufacture our own ducting in-house to suit every client’s particular requirements.

Latest News

Nu Metro Cinema, Arcades, Lusaka

5172 Chishango Rd, Lusaka388 Makoli Ave, Ndola0973-993463 / 0966-826492 Our Hotline One of our latest projects: Nu Metro Cinema, Arcades, Lusaka We are putting the chiller on the rooftop at Arcades to facilitate air conditioning of the new Nu Metro Cinema .

Kitwe Freedom Park Hotel and Office Blocks

One of our latest projects: Kitwe Freedom Park Hotel and Office Blocks, Kitwe where Drake and Gorham (Z)Ltd. is on site installing Samsung DVM-S multi systems and fresh air ventilation.

Victory Club

One of our latest projects Victory Club, Lusaka where Drake and Gorham (Z) Ltd. has installed VRV Daikin system and Samsung DVM-S multi split system.

Garden Court Hotel

One of our latest projects, an elevator installation at the Garden Court Hotel, Kitwe Freedom Park

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

One of our latest projects, an elevator installation at the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Embassy

ThyssenKrupp Elevators in Zambia

Drake & Gorham is proud to announce that  with effect from 1st December 2016 it will be entering in to a partnership with ThyssenKrupp Elevators, making the highest quality elevators and escalators available to the Zambian market. As one can expect, Drake &...


We are proud to provide the highest quality products, services and solutions to our esteemed customers in Zambia.

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With 60+ years of professional service in air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration means we know what we are doing! Call us today to find out more.

5172 Chishango Rd, Lusaka
388 Makoli Ave, Ndola


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