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Drake & Gorham has recently been appointed the official sole distributor for ThyssenKrupp Elevators AG in Zambia. ThyssenKrupp Elevators AG, with Head Quarters in Essen, Germany is one the world’s largest and most innovative elevator and escalator manufacturers.


As in all undertakings we do, Drake & Gorham do not compromise when it comes to quality.  To ensure this credo is also guaranteed in this newly added segment, Drake & Gorham have engaged a specialised team of highly skilled and internationally experienced engineers and technicians in addition to our local team. Further all supplied and installed equipment is commissioned by a ThyssenKrupp Elevators AG Europe Certified Team to ensure 100% quality control.
With this Drake & Gorham and ThyssenKrupp Elevators AG partnership in place, Zambian Customers now have direct access to premium and high quality elevator and escalator equipment and services right at their doorstep: The best of German Technology with the full 100% reliable Drake & Gorham workmanship and aftersales backup.
In 40 short years, thyssenkrupp has become one of the world’s leading elevator companies with unique engineering capabilities. When done well, urban mobility drives down congestion, pollution, stress and energy consumption. Our innovative, efficient and reliable passenger transportation systems are key to getting it right in cities. Whether building a new state-of-the-art system or modernizing an existing one, our products deliver crucial energy and time efficiencies.